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Denis denis at collectifs.net
Mer 12 Mai 14:53:21 CEST 2004

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From: Victor Boctor <victor at futureware.com.au>
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Subject: [Mantisbt-announce] Mantis 0.18.3 Released
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 22:21:48 +1000

Mantis Users,

Mantis 0.18.3 is mainly a maintenance release to 0.18.2 release.  The
main reason for this release is to fix a couple of security issues,
however, we have put in some other bug fixes and the re-implement csv
export feature.

We recommend for all Mantis users to upgrade to 0.18.3 due to the
security issues.

For more information about the security vulnerabilities see the secuirty
advisory at:


2004.05.12 - 0.18.3

 * Sec #3660: Ability to execute arbitrary SQL statement if
register_globals = ON.
 * Sec #3661: A logged in user can download any bug attachment or
project document.
 * Enh #3262: CSV export does not export the category column.
 * Enh #3264: CSV export should export the resolution.
 * Enh #3287: Projectname on CSV export.
 * Enh #3346: CSV extract should output more data, e.g., Date submitted,
other data that would allow better analysis of data trends.
 * Fix #3259: Saving CSV file of bugs containning double quotes causes
invalid csv.
 * Fix #3635: status_resolved in email_api should be resolved.
 * Fix #3646: Error in core/obsolete.php.
 * Fix #3691: Parse error in Romanian localisation.
 * Fix #3728: CSV export shows " instead of real quotes in bug
 * Fix #3795: Resolve should not overwrite handler, if already set.
 * Fix #0000: Re-generated the FAQ and fixed the hyperlinks (the
contents of the FAQ may not be up to date)

Mantis Group

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