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Benjamin Sonntag benjamin at alternc.org
Mar 14 Aou 17:35:30 CEST 2007

Hi all,

(When I say "AlternC" as an "organization" (even if there is currently
no formal NGO or other legal entity), I mean all the guys who have a
write access to the svn and who committed something since about the last
two years.)

    [ Why is this mail in english ]

Daniel, a new metaconsult developper, will participate in AlternC for
the next months, I will now use (quite) only english for my mails in
dev at alternc.org. (as Daniel don't speak french).

    [ AlternC V2 ]

As I look at the Ruby & Rails learning curve (quite hard) I wonder if
it's a so good idea to use Ruby & Rails for AlternC v2.0.
We may use a PHP-based MVC Framework to do the same organised and
modularized stuff ...

As we are more experts in php development, it may allow us to gain a lot
of time on the v2.0.

So we (Metaconsult) just started to think on a v2.0 that may be written
in php ... using a php framework
We didn't started to develop anything yet, but really want to discuss
this issue on this list ...
Do we want to produce a v2.0 as soon as possible ?

It looks like some of the php frameworks available out there are really
good to implement quite clean MVC dev.

* Quick framework comparison (the frameworks in this list are known to
be the best php frameworks in php)

There may be some problem : if we use ruby, we may use it to handle
configuration files management and server-side treatments.
PHP will certainly not be the perfect language for this (shell scripts |
ruby scripts | php scripts | perl scripts may by use for system
administration scripts, but they are not equivalents ...) But it is
still possible with php.

If you think about it, yes, it means that puppet will certainly not be
used for this v2.0, but I also talked on puppet at the CCC Camp and the
guy who use it for years in a German university told me that puppet
learning curve is also huge, and that the developers don't want it to
get to far away from a certain point of view, which will undoubtedly be
problematic for AlternC (we are not maintaining many servers, but one
(or up to ten) machines with many services ...)

    [ Conclusion ]

(regarding Daniel work)
If we go and do the v2.0 in PHP, Daniel will work on AlternC v2.0 most
of its time (at least 50% monthly), depending on the work he had on
Metaconsult, collaborating with other developers to obtain a v2.0
quickly. He will just follow the guidelines we give him. AlternC as an
organization may also help financially its work to make it go faster
(Daniel will, in this case, be 100% dedicated to the project) : in that
case we may discuss this point in IRC since most of the informations out
there may be confidential (how, how much, why & so on...)

(regarding AlternC's future)
At the moment, I guess we should go to a v2.0 using php v5 and Mysql 5,
with MVC development & using something like Zend Framework, creating a
modularized web panel.


Benjamin Sonntag

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