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Dominique Rousseau d.rousseau at nnx.com
Mar 14 Aou 17:54:57 CEST 2007

Le Tue, Aug 14, 2007 at 05:35:30PM +0200, Benjamin Sonntag [benjamin at alternc.org] a écrit:
>     [ AlternC V2 ]
> As I look at the Ruby & Rails learning curve (quite hard) I wonder if

I think it's not quite harder that learning to *really* use some PHP
framework (rather than "kitchen made PHP" :-)
Ruby is a nice and clean language.

> it's a so good idea to use Ruby & Rails for AlternC v2.0.
> We may use a PHP-based MVC Framework to do the same organised and
> modularized stuff ...

Some good PHP framework is probably ok too, yes.

> As we are more experts in php development, it may allow us to gain a lot
> of time on the v2.0.

It may.
But it may also miss the "rupture" factor needed to really adopt a new
way od doing things.


> It looks like some of the php frameworks available out there are really
> good to implement quite clean MVC dev.
> * Quick framework comparison (the frameworks in this list are known to
> be the best php frameworks in php)
> http://www.phpit.net/demo/framework%20comparison/chart.php
> (regarding AlternC's future)
> At the moment, I guess we should go to a v2.0 using php v5 and Mysql 5,
> with MVC development & using something like Zend Framework, creating a
> modularized web panel.

>From what I have used of RoR, the use of ActiveRecord (or similar) is a
big win, and Ajax integration into the framework is really nice, too.
Which seem to be missing from the Zend Framework according to the
comparison chart (I haven't tried any of them, by the way, and it may
not be up to date with features of each one).
One with an integrated authentication framework would probably nice,
I know, these things can also be added/done another way/..., but what is
the point of wanting to use an established framework if you do all by
yourself ;)

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