[AlternC-dev] trying to temper the ruby choice ...

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Bruno Marmier bruno at marmier.net
Mar 14 Aou 21:35:32 CEST 2007


There is another project with similar goals: vhffs

I have used both AlternC and Vhffs.
Why don't you merge the two projects.

Vhffs has already a modular API, written in Perl, which can be extended 
for the need of AlternC. For example, Vhffs has no per user quota, which 
could be useful to add for a commercial hosting.

By joining the efforts of both team, we could go further in the 
development of the project.
I think the members of each team should think about it.

On my side, I am ready to help for the next translation round into Spanish.


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