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Benjamin Sonntag benjamin at alternc.org
Mer 15 Aou 09:08:06 CEST 2007

Olivier Huet a écrit :
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>> Envoyé : mardi 14 août 2007 17:36
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>> Objet : [AlternC-dev] trying to temper the ruby choice ...
>> Hi all,
> [...]
>> (regarding AlternC's future)
>> At the moment, I guess we should go to a v2.0 using php v5 and Mysql 5,
>> with MVC development & using something like Zend Framework, creating a
>> modularized web panel.
> I think it's better to continue with PHP than RoR because:
>  - I think RoR need more RAM and CPU power than PHP, and my servers doesn't
> have a lot of them
>  - There is a lot more PHP developer than Ruby developer
>  - RoR is perfect for some kinds of application... but not sure AlternC is
> this kind of application
I talked about it with Nicolas Chuche (a government system
administrator) and other geeks yesterday (at Pouchla's place ...) and
yes : the point with ruby is : as for today, we don't have enough
developers with a long-time knowledge on Ruby & Rails.

> AlternC is an administration panel. So I think it should be light, easy, and
> compatible with most of browser... (I'm not sure Ajax is a good idea)
> Btw, I think a stable v1.0 of AlternC is more urgent than a v2.0 :(
Yes, but as Daniel (our new developer) will work on this project, I
think it's better for him to directly start on the new release, and not
on old code : It may also help building a brand new infrastructure
rather than, by knowing how the old one works, making something who will
be like v1.0 ...

Anyway, a debugging day is absolutely a good idea regarding 1.0 release
for Etch.


Benjamin Sonntag

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