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Benjamin Sonntag benjamin at alternc.org
Mer 15 Aou 09:51:49 CEST 2007

Bruno Marmier a écrit :
> Hi,
> There is another project with similar goals: vhffs
There is also other control panels based on free software and available
under a free software license such as :

DTC (no french-speaking joke please ...) Domain Technologie Control  (
http://www.gplhost.com/software-dtc.html )
RavenCore ( http://www.ravencore.com/ )
VHCS ( http://www.vhcs.net/new/ ) this software have a nice approach of
service administration, but finally its features looks a lot like AlternC.
ISPMan ( http://ispman.net/ ) Big stuff, hard to install, and forget to
use anything else than ISPMan on your server when using it : it takes
control of all the softwares he knows ...
Sys-CP ( http://www.syscp.de/ )


> I have used both AlternC and Vhffs.
> Why don't you merge the two projects.
Well ... We may talk to the Vhffs team since we know them for a long
time ...

The problems we may have to look at are :
    1. The fact that VHFFS, like AlternC, is a quite old software,
that's why I wanted us to rewrite AlternC (and then rethink about its
fundamental bases)
    2. VHFFS is written in Perl and C, and therefore is not using any
software development helper or framework, which, in fact, make it harder
to be maintained by foreigners.
    3. We already have a significant user base (In my opinion)
    4. vhffs team historically focused on the system administration
tools, not really on the web panel and its usability, I asked some web
usability guys to work on the v2.0, I guess it may surely be quite a
nightmare to use their advices if we are not using a framework that
separate content from code ... (back to point 1)

Well, as usual, I guess we may talk to them and try to find some common
ground, but I doubt we will be able to do the necessary efforts to merge
our projects. They seems to be too different.

Anyway, I think we should really look at other projects and see what
advantages / drawbacks they have, which kind of architecture they are
using, and how we can take the best of each and every ideas they have,
even with commercial control panel such à CPanel or Plesk ... They are
really challenging the free software community ...


Benjamin Sonntag

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