[AlternC-dev] code freeze for 0.9.7?

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The Anarcat anarcat at koumbit.org
Ven 5 Oct 18:00:00 CEST 2007

Maybe I wasn't clear enough in what I meant by "final push for 0.9.7".

In my opinion, we should focus all our energies on releasing this new
version.  New functionalities (e.g. apache2) should be moved aside for
now, as we already have a quite long feature list.

We only have very few bugs left to fix:



#392: perte des mots de passe mysql au dpkg-reconfigure

I couldn't reproduce #392 on an upgrade, so I closed the bug, looking
for other reports to confirm/infirm.


#517: zonefiles not created properly when switching dns on

This is an old bug that needs a bit of work on update_domains.sh. Not
sure I'll have time to figure it out before the release.


#1052: broken phpmyadmin link

After my upgrade, phpmyadmin is not working anymore. I'll take a quick
look at this, I suspect I messed up my pma config...

If nobody picks those up in the next few days, I propose we just call it
quits and switch those bugs to an eventual 0.9.8.

So what I'd like is to otherwise propose a code freeze before we release
0.9.7. That means no commit appart from bugs reported on 0.9.7.

It's going to be a great release, I was able to update our prod
server from sarge to etch with it quite easily, and it is very
encouraging to see the project forward this way.

Let's keep up the good work,

Antoine Beaupré
Réseau Koumbit Networks
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