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Benjamin Sonntag benjamin at alternc.org
Dim 9 Sep 15:32:39 CEST 2007


This week, I started to write an architecture specification for AlternC v2.

You'll find what I wrote here :

General architecture : https://alternc.org/wiki/AlternCSpecsV2_2
Big Picture :

Sample APIs :

The aim of this architecture is :

- to describe AlternC v2 way of configuring service and drive them.
- explain each and every single piece of code that will have to be developed
- take care of all new features we want to put in AlternD : multi-server
management, linux distribution independence, configuration software
usage, more fine package management, ability to add multiple  interface
(web, shell, gtk ...)

We may discuss this and add explanations where needed.

In the meantime, let's see on IRC this evening (6pm Paris time, 12pm
Montreal time)


Benjamin Sonntag

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