[AlternC-dev] Let's encrypt & proper logging / messages & API for 3.5 ?

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Remi remi+tech at b6.be
Jeu 18 Juin 23:31:11 CEST 2015

On Thu, 18 Jun 2015, Benjamin Sonntag wrote:
|for user-centric messages, I propose we insert 3 class of messages: 
|- notice (success) (blue or green + ok icon)
|- warning  (orange + warning icon)
|- error (red + error icon)
|  The icon in the display is important: I have 2 users who can't see much colors... ;)

It depends on the implementation.

	- CSS icon (using background-image) won't be read by assistive 
	- inline icon (using img tag with alt attribute) does require to 
focus the image to see the tooltip for whom the icon is not sufficiently 

Best choice might be to use a css icon (always better to leave the design 
in CSS), and the text "warning", "notice", "error" before the message 
content, which will satisfy everyone.

For the color scheme, you could consider four states (keeping a white 
	- information (blue / #0000e0) : when no action (eg. last login time)
	- success (green / #006800)
	- warning (orange)
	- error (red / #b60000) 

I can't find a correct contrast (according to W3 accessibility 
guidelines) with an orange text on a white background, so for the warning 
messages, we should consider using another color.


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