[AlternC-dev] Let's encrypt & proper logging / messages & API for 3.5 ?

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Gabriel Filion gabster at lelutin.ca
Ven 19 Juin 19:46:48 CEST 2015

those 3 points are great

On 18/06/15 10:17 AM, Benjamin Sonntag wrote:
> - replacing the err->log() and err->raise() logger by something more useful since: 
>   /var/log/alternc/bureau.log is as useless as it can be
>   and notice/success message are shown with a red background and a red hand !
> I propose we use syslog for main action-logging (like 'this ip, logged on this user account, did this action (not read call, only write/delete ones), with these parameters)
> This would allow to know better what's going on in the panel, not every single function call :/
> And this would also allow an easy integration of fail2ban as [aCe] asked for in the IRC channel.
> for user-centric messages, I propose we insert 3 class of messages: 
> - notice (success) (blue or green + ok icon)
> - warning  (orange + warning icon)
> - error (red + error icon)
>   The icon in the display is important: I have 2 users who can't see much colors... ;)
> This is not a huge job, and would be great for 

we've used (and actually had to complement with additional logging) the
bureau.log file to be able to debug some weird things that were happening.

Notably we found out that the get_variable() function was responsible
for resetting config variables to their default values in the DB, when
the database was under too much stress, because it was calling
set_variable($default_value) when no value was found.

So since tracing function calls can be useful, I'd advocate to keep them
around, but maybe make them into a new debug() level for which logging
can be activated/deactivated at will.

a second point about logging: using syslog would be great imho since
this would make it possibly easier for ppl who want to anonymize logs to
do so (e.g. rsyslog has a module that transforms IPs into before
the log lines get written to disk)

> finish the implementation of the AlternC API for all the functions we have, so that we could build alternative version of the control panel, either just for UX purpose or design or features asked by some customer ...
> This would allow us to create a mobile client too, or anything you could think about
> (the API is currently used by Octopuce to do 2 things : Dynamic DNS for Failover infrastructure, and SSL Certificate Install / automatic deployment)

sweet, those two use cases could be fun for us, too. does the API branch
have documentation on the API calls that are available? a good API must
have great documentation ;)


+1 !

Gabriel Filion

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