[AlternC-dev] Let's encrypt & proper logging / messages & API for 3.5 ?

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Remi remi+tech at b6.be
Ven 19 Juin 20:51:58 CEST 2015

On Fri, 19 Jun 2015, Gabriel Filion wrote:

|On 18/06/15 05:31 PM, Remi wrote:
|> For the color scheme, you could consider four states (keeping a white 
|> background)
|> 	- information (blue / #0000e0) : when no action (eg. last login time)
|> 	- success (green / #006800)
|> 	- warning (orange)
|> 	- error (red / #b60000) 
|> I can't find a correct contrast (according to W3 accessibility 
|> guidelines) with an orange text on a white background, so for the warning 
|> messages, we should consider using another color.
|One other thing that can be done to keep a correct contrast is to keep
|the text in black on white bg, but make all the other things around it
|(e.g. the design) use the approriate colour.
|some webapps actually use the background colour to indicate the
|message's colour code. It makes it really clear while keeping the text
|in a non-surprising colour, but I don't know wrt contrast if this is

Yes, playing with the color of the icon + color of the border could be 
a good choice.

We could also have a light background color with black text.
Contrast calculation can be verified with the following web service:


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