[AlternC-dev] [Release] Release of AlternC 3.1.6 / 3.2.6 Sortie d'AlternC 3.1.6 / 3.2.6 + API & SSL !

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Benjamin Sonntag benjamin at sonntag.fr
Mar 12 Mai 18:07:28 CEST 2015

Hi all,

a new release of AlternC 3.x has been published today,
fixing a number of bugs found since 3.1.5:

  * fix french translation misunderstanding (enabled/disabled emails)
  * fix translation not working for strings that disappeared in the past
  * fix browseForFolder not working on domaines_type having a - in their name


alternc-api and alternc-ssl, 2 packages adding new features to the panel has been released as BETA VERSION in this 3.1.6/3.2.6.

alternc-api adds an API to AlternC, (not all classes have been ported yet, mainly ssl, admin, dom, ftp). 
The API has been developped thanks to the great advices of Alban from Octopuce, it can be addressed either using a login and password or a shared secret (API Key)
It's pluggable (either on auth methods or classes exported to the api)
It's not currently documented, and need love to make all features of AlternC available through it :) 

alternc-ssl adds the ability to manager SNI-based SSL / HTTPS virtual hosts to AlternC:
- basic management of certificates is included, including the CSR generation (using SHA256 of course!), import of existing crt/key/chain bundle 
- new templates are proposed: "forced https" (non advanced) that redirect http to https and host https locally,  "http & https redirect", "https panel access" and "mixed hosting" (http + https, no redirect)
- hooks in update_domaines.sh ensure that the SSLCertificateFile lines in apache conf are properly setup

The next steps would be :
- to finish all the functions in the API
- to document the API
- to add let's encrypt facility to alternc-ssl, to automate certificate generation entirely

Also, Alban & I recently merged 3 branches 
- master (including features from Anarcat & phpunit test bench from Alban)
- pdo_migration (from fser)
- stable-3.1 (from Benjamin, containing most recent released code)

The aim of this new stable-3.5 branch is to bring the 3.5 to you, not leaving any dangling code anywhere :) 

Thanks for your attention,


Benjamin Sonntag
AlternC / Octopuce

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