[AlternC-dev] fixed some bugs today...

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Benjamin Sonntag benjamin at sonntag.fr
Mar 9 Aou 18:29:57 CEST 2016

Hi all,

Just for your information, I started to work on AlternC 3.X.11 today, only doing bugfixes, notably recent ones brought by Lautre Net members or Remi.

If you know any bug or want to test the 3.2.11 / 3.3.11, feel free to use VM1 to VM3 virtual machines in www.alternc.eu 
and as usual use http://stable-3-2.nightly.alternc.org/ as repositories

I plan to release the 3.X.11 as soon as I'll have the bugs regarding Mailman and Awstats fixed.

The milestone with the remaining work (open bugs & fixed bugs to be tested) is here : 

and I'd like your opinion on some of them : 
  https://github.com/AlternC/AlternC/issues/94 (can't reproduce)

See you soon,

Benjamin Sonntag

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