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Benjamin Sonntag benjamin at sonntag.fr
Lun 29 Fév 17:40:25 CET 2016


Quite a lot of news in AlternC those days...

## Instant build

An "instant build" system is now available. Each time someone PUSHES something into the stable-3.1 branch of AlternC LTS, a build is done immediately, and packages are available at
http://instant-3-1.nightly.alternc.org/ for Squeeze, http://instant-3-2.nightly.alternc.org/ for Wheezy and http://instant-3-3.nightly.alternc.org/ for Jessie
Thanks to that, anyone who pushes something can test it a few minutes later.
If the package building doesn't work, an email is sent to Benjamin and the latest commiter. 

The latest version 3.x.10 continues to pave the way of a LTS version of AlternC : no new features, only bugfixes.
New features to AlternC will be made available via external plugins, cf. below

## 3.x.11

We are scheduling a Release Candidate for 3.1.11 (squeeze), 3.2.11 (wheezy) and 3.3.11 (jessie) as follows:
March 1st : RC1 available on the nightly URLs (cf. above)
March 1st : Beginning of tests
March 15th : Officiall Release

This version should integrate:
Commits provided on Github by asso-infini et GuillaumeFromage cf. https://github.com/AlternC/AlternC/pulls?q=is%3Apr+is%3Aclosed
Bug fixes locked today for this version cf. https://github.com/AlternC/AlternC/milestones/3.2.11

The tests will be open to public based on a list cf. https://pad.lqdn.fr/p/alternc-tests-modele
For stability and quality, we strongly encourage everyone to participate to the testing. 
We provide anybody with test servers with installed nightly versions for this purpose. Ask vinci, cocoadaemon or skhaen in the irc channel #AlternC on irc.freenode.net if you want a specific VM for your tests.

## New features 

A number of new features have been proposed to the project see. https://github.com/AlternC/AlternC/labels/feature
Most of these features would be added as plugins and therefore are less "dangerous" if you want to help developping AlternC. 
In other words: developpers -old and new- are welcome to build these features and propose new ones!

## Promotion  & community

If you like AlternC, don't forget to "Star" the project repositories on Github, this is a small but nice way of promoting your favorite panel \o/
Feel free to fork it too if you want to fix a bug, pull requests are always welcome!

Thanks for your attention, and see you soon for 3.x.11

Alban, Benjamin, Guillaume

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