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cam.lafit at azerttyu.net cam.lafit at azerttyu.net
Mar 29 Aou 10:41:45 CEST 2017

Hello everybody

Since our move from svn to github , we use a travis instance to check our code.
Travis is more complete and we can also build directly package and
push on differents repositories

To test travis configuration, I do some experiments with
alternc-certbot project and looks great.

On each push on github, travis build different packages following
master or tag commits.

On master, each build is deployed on :
* https://bintray.com/alternc/nightly, and everybody can get it as a
normal debian repository

On tags, each build is deployed on :
* https://bintray.com/alternc/nightly
* github release page (as https://github.com/AlternC/alternc-certbot/releases)

Then is easier to follow nightly or stable evolution :)

Then everybody can contribute and propose new packages to complete
alternc with an easy way. Just need to commit and don't care about
debian packaging policy.


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