[AlternC-dev] New PGP key for our repository | Nouvelle clé PGP pour le dépôt

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Benjamin Sonntag benjamin at sonntag.fr
Mer 13 Sep 17:48:10 CEST 2017

Hi all,

as Debian stretch ask for a >=2048bit GPG key AND disallow MD5 / SHA1  
we had to renew the GPG key of AlternC's repository.

as a result, the key has been regenerated, and signed by the old one and my key too.
You can get it at the same location : 
and on the sks-keyservers pool.
Also, please ensure that you have a distribution code name and not stable/testing/oldstable if you use our repositories : 

  deb http://debian.alternc.org/ wheezy main
  deb http://debian.alternc.org/ oldstable main

since we will have to change it to reflect latest debian status. (will be done on Oct 7th)


Benjamin Sonntag

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